"Workers who have health insurance are significantly less likely to miss work than uninsured workers. This suggests that there are potential financial benefits to employers who provide health coverage to employees." Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - HS00005

It is good business to ensure access of your employees to "a full scope of Primary Care Medical Services." Best would be full indemnity medical insurance. But some employers and employees simply cannot afford that option.

DirectcareMD provides an alternative. It is not insurance, but a service, but a service contract. It does not protect your employees from catastrophic loss - but does guarantee their access to office based medical care. It will also link them to a physician for their work related injuries.

"Going without timely care caused a disability in more than 10% of cases and 30% reported a loss of time at work or other activities.Kaiser Low-Income Coverage and Access Survey, Karyn Schwartz, 6-2007

Insurance regulation enacted in 2007, prohibits employers from directly paying for directcareMD on behalf of their employees. The employee must maintain direct relationship with directcareMD. The employers however can encourage individual participation of employees and their families. They can even deduct payments after taxes and other withholdings as a courtesy to their employees. (Just as you might permit personal use of a company credit card.) If supported by your tax consultant, and employer may choose to reimburse employees.