How It Works

DirectcareMD is not an insurance program...

Insurance, a means of sharing the burden of unexpected risk, should be carried by everyone who can afford it to protect from large expenses that could seriously hurt a working family. But, most illnesses of most people most of the time could be well addressed in the office of their family physician at a reasonable cost. Doctor charges, however, must be inflated to cover the costs of preparing, collecting, processing and reconciling their fees when submitted through an insurance company.

DirectcareMD operates on this forgotten premise... It is simpler, cheaper, and more satisfying to maintain a direct relationship with a family doctor - with guaranteed access and a commitment to work only for the patient.

DirectcareMD is simple... Each enrollee through directcareMD pays a flat monthly fee of $20.00 to $60.00 for all of the primary care services their physician can deliver in his or her office. For an additional $30.00 per month ($15.00 per child under 19), basic in-office laboratory and x-ray services are included (if available).

Physicians in turn pledge to provide appointments for enrollees on the same or next business day (if patient is ill) and to be available (or provide "coverage") for telephone or e-mail consultation continuously. There are no co-pays.

DirectcareMD is available to Households... To keep costs low, directcareMD asks that all uninsured members of a family or household enroll. To exclude a family member from enrollment, please provide proof of that member's insurance. Payments are made via a monthly pre-authorized charge to a single credit or debit card - billed after the month of coverage. If notified by the 25th coverage begins the next calendar month.

You might recognize the convenience and predictability of this retainer arrangement to be similar to the maintenance agreement many businesses have on their copy machine or as homeowners have for their lawn maintenance - but in this case, you protect your most important asset: your health.